How to Join

To Join the Gilliard Laboratory:

Prospective PhD students – must first be accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry Graduate Program. Information on how to apply to MIT Chemistry may be found here. Students from both the inorganic and organic divisions are welcome in our laboratory. The Gilliard Laboratory is recruiting and has positions open for 2024 and 2025. Once admitted, students should indicate their interest, request a desk rotation, and attend research group meetings (currently 8:45-10:45 am on Monday, 18-478). Final group selection is made in accordance with the chemistry department’s research group selection progress, and decisions are announced near the end of the first semester of graduate study, ~November.

*We do not sponsor master’s degree students.

Visiting graduate students (MS or PhD) – are welcome in the Gilliard Laboratory provided there is mutual research interest and space is available. A proposed timeline, plan of study (1 page), and endorsement from the home institution/research advisor are required. All requests should be made to Prof. Gilliard via email ( Note that visiting students are responsible for securing their own funding/fellowship/scholarship for housing and any additional academic fees.

Prospective postdoctoral fellows – are encouraged to apply for external funding through applicable agencies:

1.) Marie Skłodowska-Curie

2.) Fulbright Fellowships

3.) National Science Foundation

4.) National Institutes of Health

5.) Postdoctoral and Foreign Research (Korean National Research Foundation)

6.) Sejong Science Fellowship (Korean National Research Foundation)

*This only represents a sample of possible postdoc awards. Prof. Gilliard is pleased to host scholars with other types of fellowships as well.

* To apply, email Prof. Gilliard ( with an initial (brief) plan that is in accord with the fellowship of interest. Prospective postdocs that belong to ethnic groups that are underrepresented in chemistry are strongly encouraged to apply with substantial advance notice as additional fellowship opportunities may exist.

*In exceptional cases, postdoctoral research associate applications will be considered without external funding. To apply, email Prof. Gilliard a detailed CV (including research expertise and publications) and 1-2 page proposal/plan of study (which should include information on career aspirations and a proposed appointment timeline). Only scholars with strong records of achievement and relevant publications will be considered.